Significance of Responsive Web Design in 2017

You may ask yourself why it is important to update your current website and what is the importance of Web Designing? Willingly or unwillingly, you seek for a design firm that can update your website. You may or may not be convinced with the fact that a professional web design can generate new business. In spite of your disbelief, some studies have proven that a professional web design generates better customer traffic. An improved user interface of website can also increase the rate of conversion and thus helps in generating new business.

Today, there are more mobile devices on earth then there are people. Most of the people own various devices; hence it is essential that your website appears good and works well on all devices. You must have responsive web design as it makes your website appropriate to work on all devices of every screen size. It ensures to offer an intuitive and satisfying user experience to everyone regardless of the device they use to access your website.

To better understand the significance of responsive web design, let us compare custom web design with it.

(i) Importance of responsive web design over normal web design

Before the concept of responsive website, people use to build more than one site to accommodate different screen size. But nowadays, single responsive web design helps website in switching to accommodate at screen resolution, display size, browser and operating system. The website embraces the technology that helps in responding display and viewing preferences automatically.

Apart from responsive web design, there are two different methods of custom web design that offer mobile- friendly experience. They are;

1. Dynamic Serving– It is a system where the server responses with different HTML and CSS on the same URL depending on the devices.

2. Adaptive Web Design – It is a system where a top level website embraces a folder of mobile version. After automatic detection of the device, the website re-directs Smartphone viewers to the mobile website.

(ii) Supporting Multi Devices-

The separate-mobile-site feature of custom web design disappoints you by not displaying the best for a wide variety of screen sizes as its layouts are unable to work on all screen sizes. However, responsive web designs assure to work well on any screen size. Adaptive web design does not sustain when a new device with a new screen size is released as the layouts do not fit with it well. In such case, you will have to edit the layout or add a new one and hence occasional maintenance is required. Nevertheless, responsive web designs are flexible enough to adjust according to the size of screen on their own.

(iii) Grow Search engine Rankings

Basically, we have learnt that there are three alternatives to make mobile-friendly designs but out of all, Responsive web design is king. Responsive web design is Google’s recommended design pattern. Google often recommends developers using responsive website to optimize websites for any search engine algorithms launched by them as responsive sites have single URL and HTML, regardless of the devices that make easy for Google to crawl, index, and organize content. Google also prefers responsive web design since link sharing easy. The content of single URL is easy to share, interact with, and link to than compared to the content that lives on a separate mobile site.

(iv) Future Usability

Since, the number of devices on the market continues to grow swiftly so the need of responsive website will also grow. Responsive design gives much more than just resizing a website to fit at different screen size. It provides easier readability and faster accessibility, thus reduces the bounce rate. Responsive web designs make use of key tactics that reduces the size of image, when a smaller screen is detected on a Smartphone so that it can deliver best possible user experience.

(v) Hit the Conversion Rate

It will be not wrong to say that the mobile usage has hit the roof. So if you want to win the hearts of mobile users, you must be capable of providing best user experience, which is possible through responsive designs. One of the recent researches have proven that responsive websites can attain 10.9% more visitors, while sites with custom web designs can attain only 2.7% increase in their business. In this world, it is essential to stay ahead of the race, hence you must have responsive website to increase the conversion rate.


You cannot ignore the benefits of responsive web design, if you want to have successful online business. Hence, go responsive!