Top Website Design Errors Made by Small Business Owners

Virtually, your website is the main entrance to your business and it plays a very important role in your inbound marketing strategy. Usually, it is through this that people get to know your brand.

However, when visitors land on your website, what is their first impression? Does your website look professional and welcoming? Are visitors able to find what they are searching for? Or does it turn off potential customers since it looks confusing and does not make them feel that their needs are understood?

In developing your website to help drive inbound leads, you have to first know and understand your target audience. Try to put yourself in their shoes and understand in detail:

  • Their reason for searching for a solution
  • Their needs/requirements
  • The way you can help them

Your website should be able to introduce your business to the target audience in a manner that is relevant to them and prompts them to look more into the products/services you have to offer. As they go through your content, they are asking what is in it for them. When your website does not answer this or satisfy their needs, they will leave and go somewhere else.

To draw new customers and establish credibility, your business should have a well-built and professional web presence. So your website could draw, inform and persuade your visitors to learn more, do not make the following website design errors that prevent them from getting connected with your business.

Your homepage is centered on you.

Visitors to your site have to easily decipher what your business is all about, what you can offer and if it could answer their needs. Having a clear headline that communicates to their challenges can prevent them from clicking on the back button and encourage them to discover more.

However, it is quite difficult to write in a way that your target audience comprehends and relates to. Business owners like you are usually too focused on your business that you fail to see objectively the things that make visitors appreciate your actions. Therefore, the content focuses on your company and not relate to the problem to solve and the reason why you are their best choice.

As an advice, when you find difficulty in writing about the problems solved by your company, present yourself to be interviewed regarding your business and the way you help people. An outside, unbiased party can put together the pieces to form your compelling message.

Content is not well thought-out.

Organizing your content is crucial to letting people stay on your website. Businesses with lots of content find it hard to present it in a manner that is clear and simple to understand. Keep in mind that people are not familiar with your business the way you are and so, they want to get the information they need without too much searching. Make sure your content is organized so it would be clear and informative as you demonstrate your expertise in this field.

As an advice, study all your content and evaluate which is the most important to your site’s main body and which could serve as blog posts. Make sure that the content in your main pages remain simple, explaining your products/services in a way that people understand and how they can benefit from them. Refrain from using your industry jargon.